Up at the Big House

I was a member of this film-making collective between 1999 and 2005, writing and making short films. The other members were Al Brown, Jonny Sabbagh, Will Harper and Jake Headley. Most of our work involved puppets, but we also experimented with live action, animation and motion graphics.

There weren’t any defined roles as such, but I did most of the writing. This isn’t to say that everything was my idea – far from it – but more that I was able to put weird ideas into a structure which could be related to commissioning editors and the like. For the most part, we made the things we wanted to make and it was only when we started to get what most people would call ‘success’ (commissions, money, etc) that the wheels started to come off.

My time as part of this group was enormously influential on me, learning aspects of my craft and finding out who I wanted to be as an artist.

Selected filmography:

  • Tracking Homo Directus
  • Things
  • Mummo
  • The October Tapes
  • Tales from the Stan Lee Nursing Home
  • Who is DJ Rubbish?
  • Don’t Worry!
  • We Are The Ztems

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