The Contraversial 'Who Is DJ Rubbish?' DVD cover

The Who is DJ Rubbish? DVD goes on sale this month. I highly recommend you purchase one. The disc features:

30 minute documentary following ‘Peckham born’ rapper Shaun Pubis / Deleted Scenes / ‘Hilarious Out-takes’ /25 minutes of Rubbish live performance from around the UK / A specially filmed introduction by DJ Rubbish / Director’s Commentary / bonus “Rubbish Inna Brooklyn” featurette

**** ALSO !!! ****

A 25 minute audio-visual mashup of The Project Brothers concept album We’re Number One, featuring the work of more than a dozen of the UK’s most bleeding edge film-makers, animators and visual artists.

**** PLUS !!! ****

Music videos from DJ Rubbish, The Project Brothers and Mat EP.

*** AND!!! AND!!! AND!!! ****

An exclusive Suckoids 500 live-show-cum-bar-brawl. And hidden features throughout the disc.

As the magnificent Boomkat put it: “If you like digicammed fuckwittery, this will be right up your street!”

Go there and order one now!


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