By brightest day, by blackest night…


With the 50 quid or so profit I made from the sale of my Xbox, I was wondering what I should spend the money on. Digital camera? MP3 player? Maybe even some trousers that don’t have tomato stains on them? All good ideas, but not really that appealing.

Ebay is a great way to waste money on things you don’t particularly want, so I had a browse through there. And guess what I saw?

I don't know why I want it, but I do

A full size Green Lantern costume, made to order by a guy in China. Man, I could really use something like that! I’ve got a couple of job interviews coming up – imagine the impression I’d make wearing that badboy! Any potential employer would leap at the chance to have a member of the Green Lantern Corps on the payroll. What’s more, I could wear the costume under my street clothes and leap into action whenever needed.

Sadly, common sense prevailed and I settled for a GL t-shirt for six quid. For those with more chutzpah, you can see the eBay listing here.


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