Oh no! More Star Wars…


Despite promising myself that I wouldn’t use this blog to write about Star Wars and other nerd nonsense, a couple of things passed my way which require a comment. Firstly, a link to Darth Vader’s Blog, which runs right up until the conclusion of Return of The Jedi. I was slightly surprised at how earnestly the author deals with the subject matter, but I guess that’s Star Wars fans for you.

This, combined with the news that there is to be 100 episodes of Star Wars TV reminded me of an unpublished article I wrote years ago about the possibility of a sitcom called “At Home with The Vaders”. This was before episodes 1-3, of course, but I think the basic premise was still sound. Rather than the booming tones of James Earl Jones, Vader would have the family friendly patter of sitcom king Bill Cosby and he, Leia and Luke would live in a well-appointed townhouse in the suburbs of Tatooine. Eschewing the black armour that strikes terror into the hearts of Imperial lackeys, Vader would wear a nice pringle sweater and tan loafers and shout at his kids to keep the noise down so he can listen to jazz records and eat hoagies.

If you’re reading, George, it’s still not too late…


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