Weird computers


My laptop is dying and I can’t afford a replacement. Luckily, some very clever people are working on the “$130 laptop”.

$130 laptop - I want one

Although it’s being made for the third world, I really, really want one. There’s something about the orangeness and those weird ears coming out of the top that reminds me of playschool. Hey, I’m impoverished enough to qualify for one, aren’t I?

Oh, hang on – I’ve got running water, a place to live, free healthcare and enough to eat. That probably means I’m out of the running. Still, the question remains as to whether people in Africa would rather have a free laptop or any one of the things I just mentioned.

While we’re on the subject of weird little computers, I also saw this:

Plug PC

A complete PC that fits into a plug socket. I can’t think of anything to say about it, but I thought it was pretty smart.


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