Every year at the Minnesota State Fair, they crown a “Princess Kay of the Milky Way” – a lovely young lady (often of a rather full figure) who is to act as ambassador for the state’s prodigous dairy farming industry. As if this coveted position wasn’t reward enough, the winner also gets a bust of their head carved for them. Out of butter.

Here’s a previous winner with her churned milk likeness.

Obviously, the queston remains – what to do with your butter head after all the hullaballoo of the event has died down? Thankfully, former winners of the Princess Kay of The Milky Way title share their thoughts on the PKotMW website. Their answers range from the simple (’I still have it’ say four of the previous winners), to the surreal (’We hosted a “Butter head Melt-Down” and served sweet corn. People rolled their ears of corn on my head.’) to the achingly sad (’I have just the cracked face.’)

Thanks to Becky B


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