The life and times of a toilet inspector isn’t the most alluring premise for a film, but the Australian mockumentary Kenny is one of the best films I’ve seen this year. Central to its success is an amazing performance by Shane Jacobson, who co-wrote the film and embues the eponymous hero with a humanity that puts most Hollywood actors to shame. Subtlety isn’t the first thing you’d think of whn it comes to toilets (or, for that matter, Australia), but Kenny comes across as a real human being it’s easy to get engrossed in his story. It’s a truly human tale and one that becomes strangely touching as it progresses.

That’s not to say that there isn’t toilet humour aplenty. As a character, Kenny is realistic about what he does and there’s piss and poo a-plenty as we follow his daily work routine. His father and brother disapprove of his work and regard his ‘career’ with naked contempt, but Kenny refuses to apologise for what he does and sees no reason to change. He’s a piss-pot professional and deals with the nasty side of the business with good humour. Laughs come not only from the fruity language, but also from the situations Kenny finds himself in. Dashing across a racetrack to save a portaloo from vandals before the last race is over is just one of the situations, but most of the humour comes from Kenny’s language. Choice examples include “mad as a clown’s cock” and the description of a “smell that’s gonna out-last religion”. Typing these examples now makes them doesn’t really do justice to Kenny’s blithe delivery and you really need to see and hear them for yourself.

Unfortunately, those in the UK may never get to see Kenny, as there doesn’t appear to be any cinema release forthcoming. This is a real shame, as it shits on this year’s releases from a great height. Anyway, if you have any means of getting hold of it (*cough* bittorrent *cough*) then you really should check it out.

Official site (including trailer):
Imdb page:


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