Poetic Spam


Spammers are getting more creative in their attempts to fool email filters. It looks like they’re employing Ezra Pound to compose their messages. A random sample:

they sit with their wives all day in the sun,
Wheezing ravens, when
Covering the land?
The paths of childhood.
Or else, like us, sunk into some long gaze
Astonished that you have returned to go
XV. The International Circumpolar Stations: The Greely Expedition
Side of the painting, the world of that wise, white,
With sun’s warmth wasted on a stone,
In white, in paint too representative
Beyond ice floe and berg and ice-bound sea,
Seen. What you know is only manifest
and the numbed yards will go back undercover.
and chaste, lovely as lakes to the retired men
Suddenly, in a savage, dreadful bend,
XI. Franklin’s Last Voyage
I am sleeping, and dreaming, and wandering along
Away, my songs, must we go
Yes. You’d want that said, (if you

…and then a GIF advertising Viagra. Surely someone could write a book or doctoral thesis about this? I would do it, but I’ve got other fish to fry.


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