Batman – The Lazarus Syndrome


Comic-fuelled nostalgia made me do some research into a couple of BBC Radio plays I remembered from my youth – one Batman and one Superman piece, both produced by Dirk Maggs. While I was unable to find the meta-fictional “Superman On Trial” (which had Lex Luthor interviewing comic book writers and artists), I very happy to find Batman – The Lazarus Syndrome at The Radio Nostalgia Network. They’ve also got a good collection of classic superhero radio programmes from the 30s and 40s, but it was the Maggs radio play that I was particularly pleased to find as it’s a real stand-out memory from youth.

As it turns out, Dirk Maggs is a bit of a radio star. As well as the Batman and Superman pieces, he produced further radio series of The Hitchhiker’s Guide and his UK-based Independence Day spin-off sounds pretty good too. Any further links will be posted as and when they are found.

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Batman – The Lazarus Syndrome


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