My Michael Corleone Moment

Tom Alexander, do you hereby promise to undertake this blog as your sole internet presence?

I promise.

Do you forsake other domains you may own, be they under your own name or some silly pseudonym you have created?

I do forsake them.

And do you swear to stop registering new domains under the vain hope that it will motivate you to follow through on a half-baked idea conceived on the back of a napkin?

I do swear it.

Then inform your registrars and go in peace. got shot in a lift. (In reality, I stopped smoking cigarettes and since my mum was diagnosed with emphysema, I don’t really want to promote smoking. I have to admit it – the smoking ban worked, at least on me.) gets trapped in a revolving door. (It was purchased for an idea that might come back in some form, but really was just a holding page.) got popped by a cop. (It was going to revolutionise the publishing industry. Two books later, I realised that I didn’t really have the chops for it and that it was a stupid bloody name. It’s festered ever since.) gets the Mo Green special. (I honestly don’t know why I thought this was a good domain name. I think I was just getting tired of trying to think up something sensible and professional.) survives, but it’s out of the family business. That’s its punishment. (To be honest, it became clear pretty quickly that it wasn’t that good. Ah well.)


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