Rejoice, comrades, for the dictatorship of the brain is at an end. We are no longer subjects of the grey mush, beholden to every insane whim concocted by that erratic mass of sparks. Through united action, we have removed the tyrant from his palace atop the spinal column and can finally know peace. The five generals have been stripped of their powers. Sight, Sound, Scent, Touch and Taste hold no influence now that their commanding officer has been deposed.

The hortatory of the chest has beaten his last. For not one moment more shall we be bludgeoned by the incessant boom-boom-boom of that slave driver, the heart. Drummer, it is time for you to down sticks and take a bow: that last elaborate solo will not require an encore. Having spent a life commanding others to work, your role now is to act as an example to the other muscles. Their labours are at an end and there is nothing to do but rest. From this day forth there will be no more torture inflicted by the synapses. Nerves, your past crimes against your fellows will be forgiven, provided that your electrical barbs never again flare into action. We accept your excuse that you were only following orders. We do not seek retribution for your crimes, only reconciliation.

Friends, it brings me joy to inform you of the wave of change sweeping through the body politic. The violent upheavals of the past are over. Without this turmoil (and without a madman controlling the thermostat) we no longer have to live at the feverish temperature that has blighted us for so long. We have already begun a cooling process that will afford us a better relationship with our neighbours and the world at large. Isolation got us nowhere, friends. It is time to rejoin the wider community. 

Let us open our borders to any and all who wish to make a home here. Gone are the divisive notions of biological purity foisted upon us by the old order. We declare an amnesty for any and all microorganisms that had to cower and hide during the tyranny of the brain. Come bacteria and insects – you are welcome to flourish here. Come worms and grubs – make homes and raise families. Come blowflies and larvae – use our arable lands to make a feast for your kin. From this day forth, whomsoever can make use of our territory and resources is free to do so. The concept of ownership has lost all meaning.

Once the insects come, so too will the birds and the creatures of the ground, clawing for whatever soft flesh they can find. We accede to their demands. There is enough for everyone. The days of hoarding and injustice, of excessive consumption and waste, are over. Now, all we want is to be at one with our environment. All the previous concerns have become null and void. What some call an end, we call a beginning. What some call death, we call rebirth. We are still, we are calm and we are at peace.

We are free.

Originally published in Flashquake, Summer 2011


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