Bobby Sands & Mrs Doyle

Mrs Doyle: Hello there Bobby, how are you keeping?
Bobby Sands: Bearing up, Mrs Doyle. Bearing up.
Mrs Doyle: Well you look shocking. Look at you, there’s barely any meat on you. Are they feeding you properly in that there Maze?
Bobby Sands: They try, Mrs Doyle, but I’m on hunger strike.
Mrs Doyle: What’s that now?
Bobby Sands: Hunger strike, Mrs Doyle. I’m refusing all food as an act of political protest.
Mrs Doyle: Well why would you do a ridiculous thing like that for? Have you gone crazy?
Bobby Sands: I’ve lost my status as a political prisoner, Mrs Doyle and I won’t eat until the British government reinstates it. Me and my brothers won’t be treated like common criminals, we’re-
Mrs Doyle: Is someone stealing your food, Bobby? Are you being bullied in there?
Bobby Sands: No! This is my choice. It’s an act of political rebellion.
Mrs Doyle: Starving yourself is an act of rebellion? That’s about the silliest thing I ever heard. Are all those people in Ethiopia and the Sudan rebels are they? Did my Great Grandfather rebel himself to death in the famine? Come on, I’ll make you some sandwiches.
Bobby Sands: I don’t want any sandwiches.
Mrs Doyle: It’s no bother. I’ve got some of that peppered ham you like. Would you like some of that, Bobby?
Bobby Sands: I… no.
Mrs Doyle: Ah, I’ll make you some.
Bobby Sands: I won’t eat them.
Mrs Doyle: Well, that’s up to you. But I’ll make them and if you want them, you can have them.
Bobby Sands: Look, I know you’re trying to help, Mrs Doyle but there are other things at stake here.
Mrs Doyle: I won’t tell any of the other boys about them, if that’s what’s worrying you. It’ll be our little secret. Alright? Alright?
Bobby Sands: Ok Mrs Doyle, whatever you say…


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