Piece by Piece

Nobody was really taking the kidnapping seriously. The Heiress, after all, was known to be flighty and ran in bad circles and the overwhelming (but unspoken) opinion was that this was a ruse to raise some cash in excess of her already-generous (but oft complained about) weekly allowance.

Then the finger arrived.

It was wrapped in a note that made it clear that if the ransom wasn’t paid soon, more pieces would follow.

Her mother was distraught at the thought of her child being disfigured in such away.

Her father was furious at the gall of these low down criminals.

The police were ashamed at not taking the threat more seriously.

Only the private detective remained cool.

“Well, I don’t see there’s a problem,” he said, lighting a cigarette and pouring himself a drink. “Just keep them waiting and eventually… y’know…”

Everyone stared at the PI.

“What? You’ll get her back… and you won’t have to pay a cent!”


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