Steve Jobs

Well, for some reason I’ve ended up reading the Walter Wotsit biography of Steve Jobs and my over-riding conclusion was that Steve Jobs was Not A Very Nice Man. Personally, I don’t give that much of a shit whether there are iPhones in the world, but the fact that he tried to cure cancer by eating beatsprouts shows he wasn’t that much of a fucking genius. In the interests of full disclosure, it’s worth stating that I didn’t pay for the book, but instead downloaded an illegal ebook, which I then transferred onto my horrible Archos reader. Conversion from PDF to ePub files has a strange side effect where double lower case “l”s are rendered as a single “l” and a space. This leads to some odd reading. The head of the Mac engineering team, Bob Belleville, transforms into a Firestorm-like hybrid of the lead singer of Bell Biv Devoe and Ice T’s DJ, “Bob Bel evil e”

I also watched Funny or Die’s iSteve, which was shit, but endearingly so. Written in three days, filmed in five, it stars Justin Long and Jorge Garcia. Clearly, it’s not going for factual accuracy, a fact which some elements of the technology press have failed to grasp. It reminded me of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, just because of the ridiculousness and general lack of reverence toward the real-life inspirations behind the comedy. iSteve isn’t as funny as Dewey Cox (which is a hugely under-rated film, I think), but I like the fact it exists, probably just because it annoys some of the right people.

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography


By Walter Isaacson

Walk Hard -The Dewey Cox Story [DVD] [2007]


Starring John C. Reilly, Jenna Fischer, Raymond J. Barry, Margo Martindale, Kristen Wiig


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