One Moment In Time


After the of the , it became clear what she had to do. With the of a , she turned to face the .

me,” she .

But as soon as she said it, she no longer meant it.

The moment was gone.

One Moment In Time is a small piece of javascript literature exploring the transience of ideas. The embedded code reads the current date and time and modifies the text on the page accordingly.

With every second that passes, a new version of One Moment In Time is written. After a minute, another part of the story shifts and similar variations occur at the hour, day, month and year marks. This is based on a simple array of words, arranged in a particular order. Not particularly complicated, but I suppose you could say the same for everything ever written.

The use of time is one of the few areas where electronic literature can properly extend beyond the printed word. Hopefully, the ideas in OMIT will be used for a larger piece, perhaps combining with geolocation to shape the text according to where and when it is read.

The version of OMIT on this page is its most primitive form, without the controls for altering date and time, which were originally envisaged as part of the project. After some experimentation, I found that interaction was a distraction and ran contrary to the spirit of the piece.


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