The Knife Salesman

I wasn’t in the market for a knife, but he convinced me.

First, he showed me how sharp it was. He sliced off one of his fingers just as swiftly as he might chop a carrot in two. I was surprised by his actions, startled by the spurting blood, but intrigued by his patter. He then proved the blade’s sturdiness and… pointiness? (I’m not expert in these things) by stabbing himself in the stomach.

“As you can see,” he said, “the construction is so strong you can make multiple intrusions.” This he demonstrated by stabbing himself five or six more times in rapid succession. He was just about to illustrate the keenness of the blade by slitting his own throat that I told him there was no need and that I would take one. He smiled and we went to do the deal.

Now I’ve got this knife sitting on the desk in front of me.

I wonder what I’ll use it for.


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