Between The Frames

This is a test book knocked up in a couple of hours to try out some ideas for an experimental comic. All the artwork used is from the Steve Ditko Comics Weblog (apart from the pencil scrawls on pages 7-8, which are all mine). 

There isn’t any story here, but the idea of cutout panels is interesting. I liked the notion of giving things new contexts on the other side of the page, or using holes to reframe stories.

There’s also an explicit use of frames like those in a gallery. The idea of connectivity between them has a kind of sinister power all of its own. They are disparate characters, thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, particularly when talking about portraits by different artists from different places and regions. A collection making connections by being placed together has potential. I’m not sure what the communication between a Warhol, a Vermeer and a Kandinsky would consist of, but it’s interesting to speculate on. 

The other thing I like is the page just of text from word balloons.  really can’t compare to that lettering done by hand. Unfortunately it seems to be a dead art form.


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