This is a thing what I wrote in TWINE. Consider it a prototype rather than anything you would want to sit down and play. The point is to try and tell a story within very limited constraints. Each section uses four four-letter words to tell the story or present options to the reader. 

This version is really just an exercise in writing, in order to see whether the short word count is possible and/or effective. While it’s by no means a masterpiece, there were some interesting discoveries along the way, with THUG becoming a surprisingly endearing character. 

Eventually I’d like to make the interface more dynamic and time-based, so the reader has to choose their options in time to a 4/4 kick drum, which will increase and decrease to create space and urgency. 

This version has 16 “squares”, which is 4×4. I think the next generation (if there is one) would be 4x4x4 and have 64 pages.


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