Hands on creation

I’m enjoying messing around with sound at the moment. I have a Korg Monotribe and a Kaoss Pad 3, neither of which is quite enough to make a full track on its own, but together form something which is just enough to create something half-way interesting. They’re both limited in different ways, but I’m finding that’s making me think about ways to get around those limits and sometimes make assets out of them.

The thing that perhaps I like about it is that both of them have a tactile element – knobs to tweak, sliders to fiddle with and the hypnotic swirl of lights on the KP3’s main touch pad. There’s something about the hands-on experience that doesn’t seem to come through in software, or just sitting at the computer.

I’d like to be able to replicate this experience in other areas, particularly graphics and text, but can’t seem to find the tools to do it. I have a horrible feeling that I’ll have to build them myself, which is offputting because all I really want to do is have a muck around.


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