Nicholas Nahornyl’s Lazy Pen – an interface for expressive typing

I’m always interested in physical interactions with words. The Lazy Pen is a software/hardware interface that is supposed to add another layer of expressivity to the act of typing text. Manipulating the paddles with your wrists alters the slant and pressure of the words on screen.

I like the hardware aspect of it, but personally wouldn’t have mimicked handwriting in the typography. While I can appreciate the creator’s vision of replicating the emotional and physical connection of writing by hand, I wonder if the handwriting actually seperates the writer from this process. That isn’t my handwriting on screen and the emphasis doesn’t come in the way that I would write. I’m more inclined to think that neutral type, modified in the same way, would afford more of the feel of handwriting, rather than getting caught up in aping the look.

I haven’t used it with my own two hands, though, and in systems like this that’s what really counts.

Project page



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