He Liked Thick Word Soup

I’ve never read James Joyce’s Ulysses and perhaps I never will, but I found this iPad app when I was considering buying the writing software that bears the same name (because, really, I don’t have enough different word processors – I’ve owned an iPad for less than a fortnight and already I have three installed, not including Evernote and the like).

I thought this was an interesting use of text and touch. Pulling out strings from a jumbled mass was a satisfying tactile experience. I think I’ve got a handle on how this might be done in Processing – at least up until the inverse kinematics, which I could probably look up. I’ve discovered, though, that applying principles you don’t really understand only leads to frustration. That wave text I posted a while ago? Can’t get it to move – at least in the way I want it to – because I don’t properly understand the mechanism.

He liked thick word soup on the App Store


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