The Walking Dead

I’ve read… 48 (forty-eight?!) issues of this now, and I found the art style difficult to parse. Often, I found the setting changing without any real indication of the passing of time or the altering location (this is something the comics writer Gail Simone talked about on Twitter recently and I thought she was just being persnickety until I made my way through this omnibus of TWD). This may in part be due to the way this collection is put together, without any obvious breaks between issues of the original comics. Although splitting the story into ‘chapters’ I supposed to feel novelistic, the bald titles given are a bit annoying. I think one was actually called “The Calm Before The Storm”.

More of a problem was the fact that I couldn’t tell which character was which, unless they were played in the TV show by Egg or happened to be black (which, now I think about it, is sort of weird. This thing’s set in the US southern states and the appears to be only three black people survive? And by survive, I mean “survive”, because no one does for that long).

Being unable to identify the characters, let alone identify with them means that you start to see the patterns that the writer’s used throughout a long story arc.

  • Character introduced
  • Has sex / catches someone having sex
  • Dies

Occasionally, there’s a step between 2 and 3 where a limb is lost, but that’s pretty much it. Now I think of it, though, that’s human existence in a nutshell, which may or may not be Robert Kirkmann’s intent. Either way, I don’t think I’ll be going on to read another 48 issues.


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