iBooks Author is disgustingly easy to use

It’s been sitting on my Mac for over a year now, waiting for me to get round to using it. The thing is, without a suitable device I’m not sure that any kind of book makes sense to create or consume. Now that I’ve got a tablet to stroke, however, I had a proper look at the software.

And, holy shit – it’s really easy to use.

Sometimes Apple leans too hard on templates and simplicity for my liking, but there are occasions when it’s the best approach. While I’m sure something like Sigil is good for getting into the guts of an ePub, making something a little more dynamic than regular old html needs a specialised tool.

It took less than an hour to convert Shift-Extra-Exit, including all the graphics and animations. Admittedly, I had all the assets in place, but being able to see it on a tablet was extremely satisfying and makes the process of creation more inspiring than just sending it off somewhere for conversion.

Add to that the ability to embed HTML and JavaScript (and, by extension, processing.js) and it offers real potential.

The downside, of course, is that it locks your creation into Apple’s publishing platform. There are options for exporting ePubs, but they obviously don’t have all the whizzy doo-dahs that the native format offers.

I’m attaching the result here, just in case anyone wants it.



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