Tom Alexander lives and works in London, England. He works as a freelance writer and producer of odd little things for the internet. He was previously a member of the film-making collective Up at The Big House and has written scripts for Channel 4 television. His stated objective is to make personally meaningful work without coming across like a ponce.

Previous works include:


How To Start Smoking by ‘Dr.’ Brian McGee
Bogus self-help book aimed at the gullible.

The End Times Diary 2008 by Ian Malkie
Bogus end-of-the-world year planner aimed at the paranoid.


Don’t Worry (co-writer), Fulcrum TV/Channel 4
Political puppet show satirising corporate malfeasance.

We Are The Ztems (co-writer), Up at the Big House / Channel 4
Fly-on-the-wall puppet documentary.


Who Is DJ Rubbish?, Soul Prolapse
Documentary, live performances and audio-visual experimentation.

Short Film:

Things, Winner ‘Special Recommendation’ at 23:59 Film Challenge

Tracking Homo Directus, Winner ‘Best Film’, Weekender Film Challenge


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