The End Times Diary

The End Times Diary 2008

Your complete guide to the end of the world and the age of apocalypse. Written in a friendly, accessible style for the modern fundamentalist Christian, The End Times Diary 2008 takes you through everything you need to know about the impending apocalypse.

Includes survival hints, tips for preserving the purity of your soul and fun activities that take you right through to judgement day.

Download PDF or view online at


The End Times Diary 2008 was written for my friend Matthew, on the occasion of his 30th birthday. As someone who felt convinced that the world would end before the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the book is dedicated to him.

Not much to say about it, really. It’s got some OK stuff in it, but you can see where I was running up against the deadline. Some of the material in there is very, very weak.

The only other thing to mention is that the most frequent typo was “End Times Dairy”, which I think is a much more interesting concept.



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